Enjoy the sun in our gardens. Let yourself relax next to our pond.

Even in winter you can delight in the sunny terasse with a cup of tea.

Smell the blooming flowers in our rose and lavender hills.

The Inn

The view


Try reading one of our many books.

Give the many musical instruments a try, or create beautiful paintings with our art supplies.

Music Courses

We offer a variety of courses, where you can play together in an ensemble with other people.

The rooms



A delicious meal consisting of artichokes from our gardens and homemade mayonaise.

This menu was cooked with only vegan ingredientes from organic farming.

Vegan Cookin Course

Learn how to cook a three-course vegan menu based on traditional chinese medicine, gluten- and sugarfree. A reservation for the three hour long course can be made anytime.

47,00 €